Book direct and save

Fed up with paying huge commissions to online booking agencies? Then entice customers to book directly with you!

The Office of Fair Trading on 20th December 2013 allowed different pricing within "closed groups" as compared with the prices you offer to online booking agencies. BedPosts Business Club has such a closed group known as BeDS.

This is the scheme in a nutshell:

  1. Decide on your incentive e.g. discount on advertised prices; free champagne on arrival; 2 for 1 entry fees to local attraction; discount off meal at local restaurant.
  2. Enter your offer(s) under the scheme in your control panel
special offers

Your offer becomes visible to enquirers after they have clicked a link and registered their email address to become a closed group member. Periodically a newsletter is sent out by email to all in the closed group list highlighting the various offers of all participating Club members.

A bonus to participating Club members is that their advertisement, with special offers flash, floats to the top of

The scheme expects that you will all use this opportunity to notify past guests about your entry into this scheme in the hope that they ask to sign up to BeDS Closed Groups to access BedPosts deals. A standard template email to send to past guests will be provided, should you wish to use it.

Go here to read more about the scheme.