Bedposts Customer Reviews Scheme

Why this scheme is for you:

  • 61% of customers read online reviews before buying
  • Customer reviews increase conversions by eliminating any doubts
  • 47% of Britons have reviewed products online
  • Your BedPosts reviews work for you and customers are not signposted to your competitors
  • You can feed your reviews onto your own website
  • It's free with your annual club subscription

The TripAdvisor alternative

  • You pay TripAdvisor loads of money for your business listing, give away special offers and then pay an online travel agent 15% or more in commission!
  • Your customers are led from your website to your competitors via the badge
  • If you send your enquirers to TripAdvisor to read your reviews, via verbal or written suggestion, they probably won't find their way back
Review sample

Where BedPosts reviews are placed:

  • On your brochure page on
  • Optionally fed onto your own website

Access to the scheme is via the control panel.